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We are a recent enterprise in the range construction, mechanical manufacturing and assembly, we stand in any project-chamfer to your side. 
From the idea up to the series or individual services, with us is always correctly partner to your side. 
Whetherone of your team is ill, your project is running out of the time schedule, 
or you are overloaded, we stand for you gladly with our services to the side. 
We can offer, owing to our experience of many years the following services:


  • 3D-construction

we are cunstruct with Catia V5, Pro/Engeneer Wildfire 2.0 and Solid Works 2006

chaning from 2D drawing to Solid`s

  • CNC- milling and other's in the range of mechanical production

In the mechanical manufacturing we have experience for many years. In particular within the range milling and turning. 

Our core competence is thereby in the CNC milling with Hurco and other controls.

We can offer achievement in the steel building in our house, and also as service.

  • assembly

we have several years experience in assembling of mechanical engineering, we offer this to you in our house and as well with you or during your customers as service.

They need specialists, who have experience in the sheet metal processing. Then you are exactly correct with us. We offer professional experience of several years in this area to you.

We advise you gladly in different technical ranges

  • purchase pool

Owing to our co-operation of many years and real close contacts with our suppliers, also you can access gladly over us this network.


  • CNC- milling and mechanical production
    We maschine steel, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic etc. We maschine the parts by milling, turning etc. over CNC programming or manually manufactured. By co-operation with partner companies we are able to supply parts, which must be versatile worked.

  • Steel construction
    Whether frameworks and carrier etc. for the building or for mechanical engineering, we manufacture products within the range steel structure for you.

  • assembly
    We take over the assembly of building groups for you.

  • machine construction
    By the free cooperation of a SPS of specialist with us in the house we are in a the position to manufacture and program special purpose machines with SPS control.

  • product design und tool design for plastics

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